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SWTOR Know Your Companions The Bounty Hunter Episode 2

In this Episode Sheriden and Fresca focus on detailing the Bounty Hunter’s companions (WITHOUT breaking the Non-Disclosure-Agreement currently in place). The KYC series aims to teach you everything there is to know about companion characters in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Sith Assassin PvP, Huttball

36 Kills and 0 deaths in Huttball playing a Sith Assassin. Thanks to Tyrozine and Zombtint for the Credits 😀  

SWTOR Sith Assassin PvP on Alderaan Civil War

Sith Assassin PvP on Alderaan Civil War

How to assemble and Disassemble a Matrix Cube or Relic for Empire

Empire Guide. Remember all the coloured matrix shards you’ve been picking up while datacron hunting? THIS is what you do with them. You can use to construct a Matrix Cube (Relic) to be put in the Relic slots on your Character Sheet.

Star Wars The Old Republic Domocron 5 The Sith Warrior

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Domocron #5: The Sith Warrior (SWToR Gameplay/Commentary) Ruin Gaming and Machinima Realm present the Domocron. In this episode Dom provides an in depth guide to the Sith Warrior, including advanced class trees, armor type and other information. The Domocron series provides coverage on Bioware’s upcoming massive multiplayer role playing game […]

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