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Star Wars The Old Republic Sith Inquisitor Character Progression

As you progress in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, your character will acquire new skills and abilities that complement their more powerful weapons and armor. Feared across the galaxy for both their mastery of the Dark Side of the Force™ and their ability to manipulate those around them, even those within the Empire know to […]

Sith Corruption

Ned takes a look at the sith corruption gained through darkside points, in the old republic!

SWTOR PAX Sith Inquisitor Spells

Burnished talks about the Sith Inquisitors and thier latest skills. Spells found at darthhater.com Also used holocron for advance classes Video by Burnished.

SWTOR Inquisitor Assassin PvP on Alderaan (First Impressions)

My first time doing high level Inquisitor Assassin PvP on Alderaan  

Star Wars The Old Republic Domocron 6 The Sith Inquisitor

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Domocron #6: The Sith Inquisitor Ruin Gaming and Machinima Realm present the Domocron. In this episode Dom provides an in depth guide to the Sith Inquisitor, including advanced class trees, armor type and other information. The Domocron series provides coverage on Bioware’s upcoming massive multiplayer role playing game Star Wars: […]

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