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SWTOR Companion Gift Guide to Affection

Giving gifts to your companions in SWTOR provides you with affection points toward them. This also gives you bonuses because the higher affection you have for your companions the quicker they’ll complete crew skill missions, the higher the reward you’ll get and you’ll have more successful missions. Your companions will also sometimes offer you special […]

SWTOR Tip of the Day 12 Quickly Heal Companions

Today Ashral shows you two techniques to instantly heal your companion back to full health.

SWTOR Know Your Companions The Bounty Hunter Episode 2

In this Episode Sheriden and Fresca focus on detailing the Bounty Hunter’s companions (WITHOUT breaking the Non-Disclosure-Agreement currently in place). The KYC series aims to teach you everything there is to know about companion characters in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

SWTOR Companion Quick Tip

A quick little tip that’s going to save you a good chunk of time when leveling in Star Wars the Old Republic.

SWTOR Resurrect Companion From Anywhere

How to revive your companion from anywhere.

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