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20 Headache Datacron

Strength Datacron Hunt in Nar Shadaa

The Worst Datacron part2

After Landing on where we needed to go, something terrible and funny happened!

The Worst Datacron part1

We waited to find this datacron for 2 hours , well just watch it lol. To win a random razer good, just leave a comment! on this video

SWTOR Datacron Locations for Repub and Empire Planets

Datacrons are items that give you bonuses to specific stats on your SWTOR character. Mainly they increase your strength, endurance, aim, willpower, presence and cunning attributes. Other datacrons will contain matrix shards (will upload another video about those too) which you can create matrix cubes with. Datacrons vary in color red, green, blue, purple, yellow, […]

SWTOR Datacron Guide Locations to Find Datacrons for Skill Bonuses

Learn all about datacrons and where you can find them. For a full guide to all datacron locations on all planets and fleets be sure to visit our website. There you’ll find the locations of every holocron along with what stats they increase and how you can make matrix cubes for extra bonuses using the […]

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