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SWTOR PVP Ruin Dominates Alderaan and Ilum ft Cromar

Cromar dominates some Alderaan and Ilum on his Vanguard, while embarrassing his cross-faction rivals.

SWTOR Tip of the Day 13 Jump Walls On the Alderaan Warzone

Today Ashral shows you two different ways to jump walls on the Alderaan Warzone “The Civil War.”

SWTOR PvP Alderaan Premade Warzone Gameplay

My videos are mainly going to consist of guides and strategies for the jedi shadow class. I will also be giving you videos of premades and rated warzones when they come out. I hope you enjoy it! This first video is going to be a premade on alderaan with Ruin Gaming. I’m running the kinetic […]

SWTOR Inquisitor Assassin PvP on Alderaan (First Impressions)

My first time doing high level Inquisitor Assassin PvP on Alderaan  

Datacron Locations – Alderaan (Republic) – SWTOR

Sharpe talks us through the SWTOR locations of the 5 datacrons on Alderaan.

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