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Datacron Locations – Korriban (Empire) – SWTOR

This video was brought to you by Game Cannon – A SWTOR video guide to all of the Datacrons on Korriban

SWTOR Datacrons – Korriban Datacron Guide – All 3 Datacrons, ft. Sam C. – WAY ➚

Subscribe To TGN’s SWTOR Channel – ★ Sam C’s Datacron Locations Playlist – What is WAY? – See Guide to all THREE Datacrons on the Empire Planet, Korriban. Join the conversation at Follow Me TGN.TV – Twitch.TV – Youtube – Tell us what you think in the comments below. Star Wars The Old Republic [SWTOR] […]

SWTOR Datacron Locations – Korriban (3 Datacrons, Willpower +2, Endurance +2, Red Matrix Shard)

0:05 Willpower +2 0:29 Endurance +2 0:50 Red Matrix Shard SWTOR Datacron Locations for Korriban . There are 3 datacrons on Korriban; Willpower +2, Endurance +2, and a Red Matrix Shard. In SWTOR, Datacrons permanently add stats to your character, so they are MUST FIND collectibles. Korriban datacron map Playing as an Empire Imperial Agent […]

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Beta: Grouping/Questing in a story driven game?

In a galaxy far far away, Jesse returns to entertain and inform with his Star Wars the Old Republic Beta gameplay videos. Today we”re taking a look at how SWTOR gives you a story driven game, but in an MMO world.

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