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Datacron Locations – Tatooine (Republic) – SWTOR

This video was brought to you by Game Cannon – A SWTOR video guide to all of the Datacrons on Tatooine

SWTOR Datacron Locations – Tatooine (Empire) (Cunning +3, Willpower +3, Aim +3, Strength +3 & Blue Matrix Shard)

0:00 Mos Ila Cunning +3 Datacron (Empire Only) 1:08 Jundland (Eastern Wound) Willpower +3 Datacron 3:07 Jundland (Transport Ship Crash Site) Aim +3 Datacron 4:15 The Dune Sea Strength +3 Datacron & Blue Matrix Shard Datacron In SWTOR, Datacrons permanently add stats to your character, so they are MUST FIND collectibles. Playing as an Empire […]

STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™ – Tatooine Developer Walkthrough – E3 2011

Deep under the blistering sands of Tatooine lies a research facility that was abandoned by the Czerka Corporation centuries ago under mysterious circumstances. The Empire believes the facility may hold the key to crushing the Republic once and for all. Watch Imperial players attempt to uncover these ancient secrets and the dangers that guard them.

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