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SWTOR Jedi Sage FLASHPOINT Athiss WalkThrough Commentary

Here is another flashpoint walk through, I know Im way over leveled for this, but it should give you an idea of what to see when doing it.

Star Wars The Old Republic Walkthrough – Athiss Flashpoint vs Mufasaprime

Mufasaprime provides us with a deep look into Athiss and into his soul. Swtor Athiss flashpoint Mufasaprime SWTOR “Dara Mactire” PvP “Swtor pvp” Jedi Sith “SWTOR BETA” Darth “Lord Mufasa” “Lord of the Sith” “Star Wars: The Old Republic” “Star wars MMO” “Athiss flashpoint”

SWTOR Guide | Flashpoint: Athiss (4man) Republic Jedi Sage Play-through | Part #1

This is (part 1) of our guide and play-through of the Flashpoint Athiss. Viewpoint is that of a Republic Jedi Sage, who is spec’d as DPS. Please help support our channel by sharing this video across the internet, and with your friends. Also ensure your subscribed and thumb up the video. We appreciate this and […]

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