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SWTOR Flashpoints Mandalorian Raiders Flashpoint Guide

TTB guides you through the Mandalorian Raiders Flashpoint! See the *full* show! ★ SWTOR-show.tgn.tv ★ WAY What is WAY? – See http Music licensed to TGN by FiXT – Get the music at Don’t miss a video! Follow me on YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Reddit, Twitter… or chat with me on the TGN Forums! http plus.google.com […]

SWTOR Guide | Flashpoint: Mandalorian Raiders (4man) Republic Jedi Sage Play-through

Sheriden brings you a play-through & guide of the Flashpoint Mandalorian Raiders from the viewpoint of a Republic Jedi Sage, who is spec’d for a DPS role. Please help support our casters & the channel by sharing this video with your friends, and subscribing, which not only helps us but it helps keep you updated […]

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