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Star Wars The Old Republic Walkthrough – Athiss Flashpoint vs Mufasaprime

Mufasaprime provides us with a deep look into Athiss and into his soul. Swtor Athiss flashpoint Mufasaprime SWTOR “Dara Mactire” PvP “Swtor pvp” Jedi Sith “SWTOR BETA” Darth “Lord Mufasa” “Lord of the Sith” “Star Wars: The Old Republic” “Star wars MMO” “Athiss flashpoint”

SWTOR: How to Set Modifiers to Quickbars!

For all the noobs out there still backpedaling and clicking, a tutorial and some epic music! SWTOR: How to Modify the Quickbars! Music Included: Muzzy-Dust Devil

GAME FACE Episode 20: SWTOR Endgame Review

In today’s Game Face, Pokket takes a look at Star Wars: The Old Republic and offers her review of the game at level 50. How does SWTOR hold up at the highest levels? Find out in Game Face #20: SWTOR Level 50 Review. MMORPG TWITCH.TV STREAM twitch.tv

STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™ – Collector”s Edition Unboxing

When we announced that Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ was available for Pre-Order, we also told you about the many digital items that come as a bonus for purchasing the game. While there is a pre-order bonus for everyone who secures their copy of the game regardless of the edition pre-ordered, some of these digital […]

STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™ – Game Features

In Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, you will become the hero of your own Star Wars saga through a fully-voiced, story-driven experience. But that is far from everything the game has to offer. See many of the elements the game has to offer in this Game Features video.

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