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SWTOR Wishlist Changes that should be made to the game.

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1. Damage from instant attacks should be instant regardless of the animation. The delay caused by the full animation going off before damage is dealt makes PvP very clunky especially when you already have latency involved. This also causes problems with abilities that have a positional requirement which is hard to maintain against good players. A set delay time is fine on knockback abilities to keep them from being too easy to use.
2. Sprint (35% speed increase out of combat) should be on by default. I don’t know anyone that wants to move slower + having to keep turning it back on after every death gets tedious.
3. Tooltips should be clearer about which attacks and spells you can’t use in PvP. Something like “Cannot be used on players” should appear in the tooltip to avoid confusion.
4. Useable search feature in the Galactic Trade Center where you can type in the exact item you want without having to go through drop down menus and a bunch of other crap.
5. “You must complete missions before you can do that” should be changed to “Your quest log is full” to avoid confusion. Many players including myself thought that we were not high enough level or didn’t do the right pre-quests to do certain quests. This was actually due to our quest log being full.


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